Types of Cover

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    The Premier Policy

    For All-Inclusive Cover

    Travel far, travel wide, and set your worries aside. If you're a traveller who desires comprehensive protection, consider our Premier policy. You'll receive the widest range of benefits at highest levels of cover, including: emergency medical & dental, emergency travel & accommodation, and trip cancellation and curtailment benefits that cover the full value of your trip. With a premier policy, you can take off and leave your worries behind. Get a Quote

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    The Value Policy

    For the Discerning Traveller

    You don't need to choose between ample cover and a low price. Our value policy gives you the best of both worlds, with plenty of benefits to protect even a costly overseas trip at a very affordable price point. Benefits include emergency medical & dental expenses, trip cancellation and curtailment costs, and much more. Use the money you save with the value policy to spend a little more during your trip. Get a Quote

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    The Basic Policy

    For Essential Protection

    If you're travelling domestically, or if your trip costs are not particularly high, our basic policy may be the best choice for you. You'll still receive essential cover, such as emergency medical and dental costs and trip cancellation costs, but you'll save by choosing a streamlined suite of benefits. Travel smart & safe with the basic policy. Get a Quote